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Kids Party Ideas

Welcome to our Kids Party Ideas blogs. Each fortnight we choose a different Party Theme and source ideas for everything you might need to organise a kids party from invitations, decorations and entertainment to party food, cakes and party favours. Subscribe to our newsletter for more ideas, discounts and offers and pop over to our Pinterest boards for even more inspiration.

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Michelle Eckles - Friday, October 20, 2017


Step back in time to the Jurassic era for some T Rex sized party ideas!

Dinosaur Invitations

  • Dinosaur eggs – make your own or use ours, print your invitation details on a piece of paper, fold up & place inside the egg
  • Dinosaur bone – print & wrap the party invitation around a bone
  • Dinosaur figurine – write the party details on a tag and attach it to the neck of a dinosaur figurine using ribbon or elastic
  • Dinosaur masks – write the details of the party on the back of masks & then your guests can then wear them to the party
dinosaur-eggs dinosaur-figurines dinosaur-masks 


Dinosaur Party Decorations

  • Use inflatable dinosaurs and trees, or plastic ones, to create your own prehistoric jungle
  • Paint watermelons or some other kind of large round object as dinosaur eggs and scatter them around the party room
  • Buy or make dinosaur tails and attach them to chairs (the guests can then wear them) - if you aren't allergic to sewing machines (like me!) check out this dragon tail project from Running With Scissors
  • Dinosaur terrarium centerpieces using a vase, some gravel, dirt, plants & figurines - I love these ones from Yellow Brick Home (see pic below)
  • Dinosaur scene backdrops

dinosaur-party-decorations dinosaur-party-decorations dinosaur-party-decorations

Dinosaur Party Games

  • Dinosaur dig or scavenger hunt – bury some of our dinosaur skeletons in a sand pit (or buckets of sand) then give the kids an "archeologist" toolkit (e.g. hand shovel, gloves, paint brush) to excavate the dinosaur bones. As soon as they touch a bone with their hand shovel they then have to use the paintbrush to smooth away the sand in order to excavate it delicately.
  • Make your own dinosaur fossils using plaster of paris & a silicon dinosaur cupcake/cookie mould – in warmer months you could make them at the start of the party and the kids can take them home, or make them ahead of the party and use them for the dinosaur hunt. Check out this dinosaur fossil recipe from Paper vine (see pic below)
  • Dinosaur sticker scene activity

dinosaur party games dinosaur-party-games dinosaur-party-games

We can organise a kids party entertainer to run the party games for your Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane kids party.


Dinosaur Party Food

  • Dinosaur cookie cutters - not just for cookies you can use them to make sandwiches, fruit, pizzas, anything really into a dinosaur theme! 
  • Get creative with your food naming like these people below have - carnivores, herbivores and sweetivores - love it (image from babyology.com.au)
  • Fossil cookies - make your cookie dough and roll it out and cut out circles, then press into them a bone, insect or similar and then remove leaving an impression of the item (picture below from Martha Stewart)

dinosaur-party-food dinosaur-party-food


Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

Follow these instructions to make your own smoking volcano cake - awesome!!


Dinosaur Party Bags & Dinosaur Party Favours

dinosaur party bags dinosaur-party-boxesdinosaur-party-favoursdinosaur party favours


View our complete range of Dinosaur Party Supplies

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